Sustainability Campus @ Rio+20

The Sustainability Campus is  convened at major global intergovernmental events to  bring to speed participants from across the world and to enable them to engage in negotiations and other activities with greater acumen. While thousands of people attend these conferences and summits, most are unaware of the issues and lack the vital knowledge and skills to engage meaningfully in these processes.

The first Sustainability Campus was conducted at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009, by Global Sustainability Solutions and Centre for Environment and Development under the auspices of the Climate Sustainability PLATFORM which is a coalition of stakeholder organizations from across the world. (– old website, – new website). Participants from over forty countries participated.

The Sustainability Campus will  be convened at the Rio+20 Summit in Brazil in June 2012 to help independent sector participants obtain deeper knowledge on the subjects of sustainability, which will enable them to engage in the Rio+20 summit with greater capacity and confidence. The campus will also provide link between the people’s summit and official UNCSD, and also help engage participants in the Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties (

The Sustainability Campus will bring together reputed educational, research, policy and professional institutions to deliver tested courses and modules in a single location to a global audience.

The project is organized by Global Sustainability Solutions (GLOSS) together with Centre for Environment and Development (CED) and partner organizations under the auspices of the Climate Sustainability PLATFORM.

 the primary Contact Person is Uchita de Zoysa (Project Director)  email:  Tel: +94 777372206 skype:

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